I wanted to join a martial arts class so I contacted a couple of local places. Because I have a visual impairment, none of the schools seemed to fit my disability. I needed someone who would really work with me up and beyond the classroom setting.Jason Davis, founder of the Adaptive Martial Arts Association told me about Rising Sun Martial Arts.  I talked with the instructor of the dojo and it seemed like a perfect match. In September of this year, I earned my first rank of orange belt. Rising Sun has been a wonderful place to practice the martial arts.If it wasn’t for the Adaptive Martial Arts Association, I would not be studying karate. I would recommend anyone who has a disability to contact the AMAA for help in finding a martial arts school that is right for them. If you are in the Rutland County area of Vermont, I encourage you to try Rising Sun Martial Arts. I am one of many disabled martial arts students that are finding success at Rising Sun. You will never regret it.

Josh Tabor, Age 28, Sight and Hearing Impaired

Went to the cerebral palsy specialist today and got an excellent report! As result of my training at Rising Sun Martial Arts he  ruled out medication as a treatment for me, he also extended the length between visits to once a year! He said he has never seen this before, usually medication is the only option.  Jason Davis, 33 yr, Cerebral Palsy

The best dojo around!

 Sensei Kathy is an amazing caring person. She truly cares about it students and goes over and beyond for them! I highly recommend Rising Sun Marital Arts.

Wonderful Dojo -a place where children gain self-confidence and awareness

Sensei Kathy is a true teacher with the gift of insight into each child that comes to her Dojo. As a parent, I have seen every child shown respect and consideration for who they are as an individual. Sensei Kathy is showing my 2 daughters how martial arts training can help them develop their self confidence – and it has! How all the skills they are learning in karate can help them in their life and also how karate helps in their awareness out in the world so that they are well prepared not to become a target when they step out on their own! Every time they go to karate there is a mixture of skills to learn and the very important element of surprise ,discipline,challenge and fun. The children LOVE this!

A great place for young & old to learn Martial Arts!!

I have known the instructor, Kathy for over 20 years. She is a wonderfully dedicated individual, whom has the paitence & skill to work with Children and Adults with many different experience levels. She pours her heart & soul into making each persons class a genuine learning & motivational experience that builds self esteem!

An amazing place to learn martial arts

iv been at the dojo for over 9 years now, its taught me more than just how to defend myself its taught me how to live my life. its a great school taught by an amazing teacher. Reilly Granger

An excellent Martial Arts Instructor. Class is well organized and the students are so focused, very impressive. I would recommend this dojo to anyone who is interested in Martial Arts for their child or teen. Sunnie

The BEST place to learn martial arts AND life skills!

Sensai Kathy has been an amazing influence on all 3 of my sons in many different ways. She has instilled confidence and pride and has made them both physically and mentally stronger. She knows each individual student’s strengths and teaches to them. She brings out the best in all of her students…..whatever that best may be for that child. I am a teacher of young children and I would recommend Kathy to ANYONE! L Quintana

a great place to learn Martial Arts!

My daughter has really enjoyed taking classes at Rising Sun and it’s great to see people with different challenges, working together in the Dojo. Sensai Kathy is very good with the students.

Learn more than just martial arts!

A fun way to learn martial arts, life skills, improve on listening skill’s, and much, much more!

Kids learn to respect themselves and others all in a FUN environment!

Sensei Kathy is great with kids! She challenges the kids to do their best but in a supportive and respectful environment. My son has learned so much from her both martial arts skill as well as life skills!

A great dojo!

A Martial Arts School With Class

Rising Sun Martial Arts is an incredibly diversified dojo where students can go and just be themselves while building Martial Arts skills as well as self-confidence. Whether a beginner or more experienced students never feel out of place and Sensai Kathy makes learning fun so students never seem to tire of the hard work they put forward.

Rising Sun Martial Arts is without a doubt a “Class Act”



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