Rising Sun Academy of Adaptive Martial Arts

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Dynamic Energy – Multi-aged fast paced class with low student/teacher ratios. Instructor assistants provide additional assistance in technique and redirection.

Rising Sun’s unique approach encourages students with any type of health restrictions or disability to practice Martial Arts. Based on the traditional Rising Sun Martial Arts program, adaptations are made to suit the individual student and allow them to excel to the best of their ability.

Our programs help ALL students to improve motor skills, balance, cognitive skills and social skills.  We focus on the development of a students self esteem, confidence and self defense skills.

Rising Sun works to compliment physical, developmental, occupational, social and psychological training through martial arts. We are willing to work with your health care professional to develop a training plan right for you.

Some classes are multi-aged and include a wide scope of abilities. Students leave their diagnosed labels at the door and enter with a clean slate. The student proves to him/her self what they are capable of and with the help of a qualified instructor, map out their personal path to achievement. Classes are developed based on teaching style and a student will find the appropriately paced class. See the class schedule for a complete description of the classes currently offered.

While the Academy for Adaptive Martial Arts was officially instituted in 2016, Rising Sun Martial Arts had been adapting it’s martial arts program for the past 10 years to better serve the student. Each student has a similar rank requirement list, however individual goals are added to their requirement list. These goals include physical goals (building upper body strength)  and for children,  discipline goals such as not arguing with siblings or talking back to their parents. These adaptations are made for ALL students.

Rising Sun appreciates the opportunity to become part of the students support team to build their confidence, body and spirit through Martial Arts. This program can include a mix of private lessons and group classes.

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