What makes Rising Sun different from other Martial Arts Schools?

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At Rising Sun Martial Arts,

  • We strive to adapt our program to meet the needs of the student instead of the student adapting to the program.
  • Students achieve rank at their own pace, with lower ranks testing within the class structure.
  • Life skills are taught and reinforced.
  • Medical and developmental “labels” are not carried into the dojo. Each student is known only for what they bring and develop within the dojo.
  • Leadership skills are built and practiced in each class.
  • With the belief that if you know how to hurt someone, you should know how to help them, all students learn first aid.
  • Students are acknowledged weekly by their peers for exceptional training.
  • Peer tutoring helps reinforce basic techniques and builds camaraderie.
  • The students that practice WANT to train. With month to month tuition, students aren’t forced to fulfill their contract obligations.
  • No testing fees.
  • Class structures allow for students to find a class that best suits their personality and development. Soft nurturing classes to more disciplined and traditional classes are offered weekly

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