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DROP OFF AND PICK UP TIMES – Camp begins at 9am. Campers may not arrive earlier then 8:45. Counselors will be busy setting up the day’s activities. Pick up is at 4pm. Please come up to pick up your camper. They will not be discharged into the parking area without an adult. PLEASE be prompt. Everyone is tired by day’s end and there is always cleanup and preparation for the next day that needs to be done.

REGISTRATION AND TUITION – Parents need to fill out emergency release forms for the camp on the first day of camp. I can send these via email If you prefer. The balance of camp tuition is due the first day of camp. If you have paid a deposit and your child cannot attend camp, the deposit is non-refundable unless another equitable camper can be found to replace your child.


WHAT TO BRING TO CAMP – Backpack with – Swimsuit, Towel, Suntan Lotion, Bug Spray, old hat, $5 or less for snack bar, Lunch, any meds or emergency inhalers or epi pens.


SHOES – We hike daily and must traverse a steep hiking path in the woods. There are wooden bridges and lots of mud! Please have your camper wear OLD shoes that are suitable for hiking. NO flip flops or flopping back sandals. Shoes must be able to get wet as we WILL wear them in the stream! Campers MUST wear footwear when we hike.


SUNTAN LOTION AND BUG SPRAY- After lunch, every camper must apply suntan lotion and bug spray before we hike. Counselors will assist campers. PLEASE be sure to check expiration dates on suntan products, it DOES make a difference. I bring extra lotion and bug spray on the hike to reapply if needed. It is best for campers to apply suntan lotion before they come to camp so that after lunch they are applying a second application.


LUNCH- Lunch – Please include all the food groups! Recyclable containers and cloth napkins all gain your camper lunch points! We spend a good degree of time talking about nutrition, so No junk food please! WE ARE A PEANUT FREE CAMP – COMPLETELY! Please check labels to be sure that there are no nut products in your child’s lunch.  During the June camp, we have one person allergic to shellfish, so please do not bring SHELLFISH in your lunch!


MEDICATIONS – We travel with a first aid kit and will include medications, inhalers and epi pens. Please be sure they are not expired and the campers name is taped to the pen or inhaler. Give a detailed explanation of how meds are to be administered.


RESPONSIBILITY – Your camper will learn how to prepare themselves, keep their belongings together and be responsible for their supplies. While the counselors will supervise, and remind the camper, ultimately it is the campers responsibility. Age is not a factor; our campers learn fast. Please encourage your camper to bring this behavior home to develop into a habit. If your camper leaves something behind or not in place, they will purchase it back with their points the following day.


POINTS – From the first day of camp, you will hear about points. We compete in teams, partners and individually for points. We earn points by finding hidden gems throughout the day. Campers get to give away points to other campers that they admire or found were helpful during the camp day. This gives everyone an opportunity to be rewarded for positive behavior and actions. At the end of the week, we have a prize table. Everyone gets to choose a prize, but the highest points choose first.


Expect your camper to be tired at the end of the day and especially the end of the week. Campers train daily and will not need their gi. There are no evening classes the week of camp for campers. Good nutrition and a good amount of sleep will enable your camper to enjoy the camp experience. Looking forward to having your child in camp.

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