New Belt Curriculum for Sept 2016

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To acknoweldge the effort and hard work of many of our students, we have expanded our belt ranking program. Each belt rank will consist of three levels

1 – colored belt with white stripe, 2-colored belt, 3-colored belt with black stripe

A student may skip belts within the rank color. For instance going from a white stripe belt to a black stripe belt if they completed all the requirements for those belts within the prescribed timeframe.

The ranking system is:

White – White w/Black Stripe

Orange w/White Stripe – Orange – Orange w/Black Stripe

Yellow w/White Stripe – Yellow – Yellow w/Black Stripe

Green w/White Stripe – Green – Green w/Black Stripe

Blue w/White Stripe – Blue – Blue w/Black Stripe

Purple w/White Stripe – Purple – Purple w/Black Stripe

Brown w/White Stripe – Brown – Brown w/Black Stripe

Black Belt


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