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Rising Sun Martial Arts incorporates different styles of martial arts including Okinawan styles, Kenpo and Tae Kwon Do.

Through traditional kata and bunkai work, students learn from the same movements practiced by the forefathers of Martial Arts. Self defense techniques, ground fighting and joint locking techniques provide a sound basis for self defense protection.

Our students develop a sense of  family and ownership. Through their personal  martial arts training, they achieve great personal and spiritual growth. Each students walks away with a different lesson.  Rising Sun offers students an opportunity to try new things in the safety of a dojo that cares and supports their new efforts.

Our Rising Sun Adaptive Martial Arts Program is designed to mimic the same goals as the traditional program, however it allows for the student to utilize the techniques that best fit their body type and abilities.  Adaptive equipment is added to the dojo when needed to help students to train safely and effectively.

Rising Sun Martial Arts Adult program incorporates a cardio component to build endurance, strength building exercises to increase muscle and utilizes traditional martial arts training to create a well faceted workout. Self defense techniques are practiced as well as ground fighting and joint locks.

Rising Sun Martial Arts is a traditional dojo with a non traditional attitude. Our students come from all walks of life, some in great athletic shape, while others are in search of better fitness. We do not promote tournaments, although any student that wishes to personally pursue that circuit are encouraged and supported.

  • Free introductory class
  • No contracts
  • Reasonable tuition

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