Class Adaptations

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At Rising Sun, we believe in creating an atmosphere where each and every student can learn to the best of their ability.

I often make adaptations for students who do not fit into the mainstream. Currently you will notice a couple students that are only participating in half of the class. They either leave in the middle of class or come in during class. These students are on a half hour program based on their attention spans.

I also invite disabled adults to train along side the kids. This allows some students to train at an emotional level more comfortable for them and it offers the traditional kids direct contact with people who’s body or mind functions differently then theirs. Multi age/level training allows for the growth of tolerance and understanding.

Some students are on a reward system where they are rewarded for specific number of goals achieved. While most students receive recognitions for their martial arts achievements, these students receive recognition for body control, perseverance, and good spirit.

In essence, not everyone is alike, and no one reward system or class can meet everyone’s needs. Adapting the program will help each student to feel a sense of accomplishment at their own particular level.

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