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Our Mission: To teach martial arts to students of all ages and abilities so that all can benefit from training in martial arts. No labels except Student. Rising Sun is a place where everyone is welcome.

Since 2001, Rising Sun Martial Arts  has been a leader in the field of Martial Arts in the Rutland/Pittsford area.  We train in Karate for self defense and well being. Our staff is of humble and  excellent character who care for the betterment of their students.

“Absorbing the best there is from old and contemporary Masters, – we uphold the traditions while incorporating our mission  to preserve, uphold and maintain, the existing traditions of the Martial Arts without prejudice or change, but, reserving ourselves the right to learn and develop new techniques and philosophies, in accordance to our guidelines and requirements.”

Let the students grow within their Martial Arts, knowing they are learning the sources of goodwill and compassion towards others, and where the ultimate goal is not the color of the belt, or how high he/she can kick, but rather the spiritual experience obtained while at training.
Let them grow with a sense of security and self confidence, in the knowledge that what they have learned, could one day save their lives and protect their family. Let them know of their shortcomings, and make them learn about justice, equality, caring and friendship. Let them share their skills with others.

And finally, let all of us, who are trying to preserve this wonderful Art, grow together rather than moving apart, so that everyone could benefit from this pool of knowledge. There’s not such thing as “my style is better than…or I am the biggest and the best!” We all do well with what we’ve got, and we all have something to offer those looking to travel the path of martial arts

At Rising Sun Martial Arts, we believe that everyone who wishes to pursue the Martial Arts should be offered the opportunity.

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